We recently reconnected with a friend we met in the beginning of our world travels. Our paths first crossed in Paris, France and since then Dean has been one of our most passionate supporters. As we traveled from country to country, he has worked hard to put us in touch with his closest friends and even potential clients. Since being back in the states, it took a little while, but we reconnected with him and his fiancé Juliana. They have been working nonstop on opening TokyoBike NYC together. Their pop up shop on Prince St. has just turned permanent and will reopen in March 2015 which wasn’t a surprise considering how beautifully they’ve curated the store. Dean and Juliana continually inspire us to value all of our relationships and to keep working hard. Needless to say, when they asked us to join them for their wedding in Tulum, MX, we dropped everything. We had just a week to make arrangements, but didn’t question it for a second.


Sarah and I have been quite curious about Tulum, since it’s been a topic of much discussion lately. In fact, the day we flew down, The New York Times published a 36 Hours in Tulum. The only problem with it, in our opinion, was having to fly into Cancun with all the party animals. Once you get in the taxi though, you can calm down and simply enjoy the 1.5 hour drive south. All the developments and fancy resorts are left far behind as you approach the small town of Tulum. Once you pass the town (or pueblo) and head back out towards the coast it quickly turns to bamboo and straw bungalows, restaurants, and beach. We stayed at the beautiful Ahau Tulum, and arrived to margaritas, tacos and a full moon on the beach. We’ll never forget the warm tropical breeze as we joined the festivities that evening. Each day we’d lounge on the beach in front of Ahau until cocktail hour and then meet at a new restaurant for dinner, drinks, and to make new friends with any of Dean and Juliana’s acquaintances. The day of the wedding we watched from our balcony as the beach was setup for the ceremony and celebration.  It was one of the most stunning we’d ever seen. We watched Dean and Juliana exchange their beautiful vows and continued on to a delicious feast surrounded by the most amazing people.  The night moved on to dancing, perhaps one too many tequila shots and a midnight swim under the full moon.   

Most people from the wedding party flew out the following day, but we decided to extend our trip for an extra 4 days so we could explore the surrounding area. Although it was difficult to peel ourselves from the beach, we managed to rent a scooter and plan some excursions. First order of business was checking out the cenotes. Cenotes are natural sinkholes formed from the collapse of limestone that exposes ground water underneath. Some of them flow all the way out to the sea, and if you’re courageous enough you can scuba dive underground through the caves the entire way! We opted to float around on the surface in the turquoise pools which was just as beautiful. We had big plans to see more than one cenote, but with a scooter break down on the side of the highway that left us stranded for almost 3 hours we had to change our plans. The Gran Cenote was high on our list so we narrowed it down to just one, took a dip and headed into the pueblo for some local food at El Camello Jr.  

We didn’t get to explore as much as we usually do on our adventures, but this was to be a celebration of new relationships. We came away from the experience with some great new friends and are truly honored to have been a part of such a beautiful and memorable wedding.

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  • Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely love Tulum and the surrounding area, but am excited to explore a town 45 minutes south, Xcalak. I have heard it still has a lot of the charm of Tulum, but is not as crowded. If you do go back, definitely check out Papaya Playa Project (DJ on the beach!), Casa Cenote (so magical), and Akumel (within ten minutes of swimming out to the open water, you will be surrounded by giant sea turtles). Safe travels!

    • Miles & Miles says:

      Thanks Katalina, means a lot coming from you guys. We love what you’re doing! When we go back, we’ll be sure to check out your recommendations.
      Stefaan + Sarah

  • Joe Berg says:

    Sarah and I are going down there in February…your pictures and write up have us quite excited!

    • Miles & Miles says:

      Hey Joe! That’s so exciting, you’re going to love it down there. Happy to send a long more detailed recommendations if you’re interested. Shoot us an email and hi to miss Sarah!

  • Your blog is exquisite! Also love your beautiful photographs and Instagram gallery. Lovely post on Tulum. Dreamy. xx

  • Lynda says:

    Exquisite! Now I would really like to be married just like that!!!!
    Belated congratulations!!!

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