We are excited to announce that we are working with American Express Travel to share our Journeymakers story from New Zealand.

When our beloved camper van was having significant engine issues in remote Abel Tasman National Park, we were in a pretty dire situation. After being turned down by every garage in the nearest town Takaka we made our last attempt at GB Mechanical. Simon, the head tech, must have seen the desperation in our eyes and agreed to take a look. Day after day, he would pour over the engine to see what had gone wrong and then, realizing this was also our home, would push the van out back to let us camp behind his shop, free of charge. We ended up at dinner parties and weekend markets with the incredible people of Takaka.

After about a week, we were able to locate an old beat up Subaru station wagon that a nearby farmer was selling for a great deal. It meant that we’d be able to finish our tour of New Zealand and potentially sell it to another traveler when it was time for us to leave from Auckland on the North Island. Of course none of this would have happened without Simon making sure the car was in good working order and giving us a handful of useful recommendations as well. Simon and his friends in Takaka truly shaped the rest of our journey and made us wish that we broke down more often!


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