We are super excited to share a project that we’ve been working on for a while now with our latest partner Backpacks.com. They’ve created a proper one-stop-shop for any type of backpack you can imagine. They’ll get you from the hustle of the city to the summit of your favorite mountain with the most functional pack for the occasion. We also wrote an editorial piece for the site that got us thinking about all the different types of backpacks that we’ve had in our lives and all the great memories that go with each of them. As with any great design, you don’t realize how important they are until you depend on them everyday, as we did during the majority of our trip around the world, or when we hiked Kilimanjaro. When you have time, take a spin through the new site and find the most functional backpack for your next trip…or phase of your life!

We couldn’t help but pickup a couple new bags for our latest weekend trip out to Block Island, RI.
Pictures from that adventure and a link to our article on backpacks.com below.

See our story on backpacks.com

This is a sponsored post, we gotta make a living, right!?

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