After our amazing time in Laos we were ready to continue our journey into Cambodia. We had heard great things about this country from friends who had been there so, although we only had plans to go to Siem Reap, we were beyond excited. The main reason for going to Siem Reap is to see the Temples of Angkor, which was what we had planned to do. We quickly realized that the town revolves around the tourism that the temples bring in. Besides a main strip of cheesy restaurants and bars, it’s really just tuk-tuk drivers constantly asking if you need a ride to the temples. To avoid the constant nagging, we booked a tuk-tuk through our guest house and spent the next few days exploring as many of them as we could. Don’t get us wrong, the temples were unbelievable, but after 2.5 months of traveling through Southeast Asia, we were exhausted and feeling a little templed-out. That being said, we loved Ta Prohm the most, even after being caught in torrential downpour during our visit there. The way the temple has interacted with the surrounding nature in the years after it was built is truly amazing. As for the rest of the country, we’ve heard so much about how wonderful it is that we’ll most definitely return.

Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

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