In the midst of a 3 week road trip through Japan we made our way to Ise Shima, a sun-soaked peninsula in the Mie Prefecture. Just a two and half hour drive southeast from Kyoto, we found ourselves in a countryside paradise at Amanemu. After two weeks exploring some of Japan’s more urban areas, the tranquility of this place, nestled between private coves, was a welcome retreat. While it’s technically the off-season, the grounds morph into a golden wonderland with endless exploration opportunities abound.

Overlooking Ago Bay, each of the twenty four suites and private villas to rent or own, are designed with sophisticated Japanese elements and simplicity. The rooms are so peaceful, each featuring a private onsen that pumps in mineral-rich water, we had a hard time leaving. It’s likely guests won’t see another person until meal time, served in the grand restaurant, where local Japanese cuisine is king. We did our best to taste everything on the menu, our favorites being the truffle soba and for the lunch, the bento box. 

After two luxurious days of indulging, we took one last morning soak in the 2,000 square meter Japanese Spa onsen, and hit the road for Nara with the incredible staff waving us goodbye as we turned the corner. We left Amanemu renewed and eager for our next experience. A special thank you to our partner Kiwi Collection, the world’s largest curated collection of luxury hotels.

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