Marfa, TX

We’ve collaborated with Lotuff Leather a few times now, so we got really excited when they approached us about shooting their Spring 2014 Lookbook. We immediately thought of the desert, and when we think of the desert, we think of Marfa, TX.

Lotuff’s bags are meticulously built by hand and to last a lifetime. Although many of their customers probably wouldn’t consider leaving Manhattan with these beautiful works of art, we thought it would be an interesting contrast for us to take them out into the rugged and dusty terrain of southwest Texas for a couple weeks of road tripping…Miles & Miles style. We would not have typically geared up with well-made leather bags since we tend to get our luggage wet and dirty on these kinds of adventures, but they proved to be incredibly practical and unbelievably durable in every situation. We covered more than 3,000 miles in total discovering abandoned schools, ex-mafioso relatives, getting the truck seriously stuck, and being lectured by the Game Warden and Park Rangers (for good reason). By the time we were done, the bags still weren’t even close to being broken in, never mind worn down. In fact, with time, the surface scratches, dirt, and subtle wrinkles just make them look better and better.

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