We packed our Lotuff Leather bags into the bonnet of our 57’ 356 Speedster and headed out of the Hollywood Hills. After a long week in the hustle of the city we were in desperate need of some poolside cocktails, competitive croquet, and a nap in the sun. Our Alexander built home is sophisticated and tasteful. It’s filled with natural light, but gives us the privacy we need to really unwind. Join us for the weekend escape from our dreams.


Spring/Summer 16′ Lookbook


Lotuff Leather

Our Role

Produce, Style, Direct and Edit

The Concept

We wanted to do something unique and refined for the Spring/Summer 16’ lookbook and video. Since we had been exploring in the LA area for a few months, we became inspired by the contrast between the dry, desaturated, desolate desert and the lush, green, hyper-manicured Palm Springs. It literally appears as an oasis in the midst of tumbleweeds and windmills. Architecturally there are some very interesting and famous mid-century properties designed by the likes of Rudolph Schindler, Richard Neutra, and Albert Frey. We decided to create a narrative based on the design-oriented luxurious lifestyle that was so intriguing to us in this strange place.

The Lookbook

The Spring/Summer collection brings new bags and beautiful colors to the Lotuff Leather product line. The bags are timeless, and fit right into the mid-century aesthetic of Palm Springs. Our priority in shooting the stills, as well as the video, was to showcase the practicality of the bags as well as the eclectic color palette. We had fun playing the role of a rather successful couple living the American dream and hope that it’s an enjoyable experience for you as well!


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