We met the Mister French team about two weeks before we were to fly to Tulum, Mexico and shoot a lookbook for their launch. The French brothers were down to earth and had a beautifully simple product; linen shirts. Two styles, five colors and inspired by travel, there was an instantaneous connection. We had been to Tulum once before for a friend’s wedding, so we knew some of the area, but we were excited to explore new territory this trip. We arrived in Tulum ready to go, and although we began the trip with a with a few obstacles including bad weather and Stefaan’s small bout of Montezuma’s revenge, we were able to get started shooting the second day.  Our first shot location was Alaya Tulum, a resort on the beach where most of the team was staying. Unfortunately, the onshore wind had covered the beautiful white sand beach (that we had remembered so fondly) in seaweed so we focused on shots inside one of the nicer rooms that they offer. Over the course of the two shoot days we scrambled to photograph in as many locations as possible because the weather was not cooperating. Thankfully one of our female models, Bex Finch, who lives in Tulum was able to guide us to some hidden gems which ended up being crucial to the shoot.

We came to the conclusion that shoots like this are a lot like traveling; you always have expectations for what a place is going to be like, or how an experience will play out, but more often than not it is different than you imagined. You are forced to be open-minded and creative in order to problem solve in ways that you never knew you could. The time that we’ve spent traveling the world certainly played a role in our ability to change courses and end up with a successful body of work, all the while having an amazing time throughout the shoot.

Mister French


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  • Hey Sarah and Stefaan,
    I just wanted to say you guys have some of the most gorgeous travel photography I’ve seen!! Keep up the awesome work it’s inspiring!

    That’s all 🙂

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