GAP needed us to come up with a concept that felt “springy” for their 2015 Spring is Weird campaign, so we pitched a “Weekend Escape”. It had snowed about 8″ a few days before, but we thought that with the right light and tide we could do a shoot that felt a lot warmer than it actually was. We shot 2 different looks for each of us as well as a 30 second video. Get ready for spring!

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  • Hey Sarah and Stefaan!
    I just found you via Pinterest > Your VSCO Article > Then Here! I absolutely LOVE your work! I admire everything you are doing in photography, video (wow!!), styling, and traveling so much! You two are doing everything I wish I was currently doing, but seeing sites like yours really sparks so many ideas! Thanks for such an inspirational place to visit and awesome work with this Gap post!!

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