We recently teamed up with our friends at Uniqlo for a weekend escape to an Upstate NY cabin in the peak season for fall leaves and cozy flannels. With our Tokyobikes on the roof of the truck, we drove north from the city in the midst of a very wintery weather system that left 2-3 inches of snow on the ground in our destination, Willow, NY. We were certainly not expecting to need 4×4 to get up the driveway this time of year, but it only added to the otherworldly effect that a cabin in the woods already has, and is what brought us here in the first place.

Woodstock, NY 12409

5681 NY-28
Phoenicia, NY 12464

We awoke to a wonderland of melting snow, autumn leaves falling in the breeze and blue skies. After coffee and breakfast at the Phoenicia Diner we were eager to explore more of the area. We layered up for the cooler-than-expected weather and set out on our Tokyobikes to find old roadside barns, and steel bridges crossing the Beaverkill River. The only sounds were the streams and the crunch of leaves under our boots as we hiked through the woods taking photos. We had time for a riverside picnic before it was a little too chilly to be by the water. The perfect cure? Sake by the campfire in sweatpants and knowing that there was nowhere else in the world that we’d rather be. Links to the where we stayed and explored are at the bottom of the page!

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