Functional, made-to-last products are crucial to our everyday adventures, so when Zappos and Blundstone reached out to us about working together, we gladly accepted. With easy navigation and speedy shipping from our boots came just in time to take them out for a spin over the weekend. November arrived in New England with snow one day and a balmy 70 degree day the next. We took advantage of the warm weather by packing our truck, throwing on our boots and heading out for a hike in the woods. To our surprise the Autumn colors were still peaking, an it was stunning to watch the the beams of sun shine through the bright reds and yellows as we trudged through the fallen leaves.

We arrived at the reservoir just in time for the perfect late afternoon light, which is surprisingly early this time of year. Typically we can’t see as much of the sub-surface rock formations, but since we the Northeast is in such an extreme drought, we were able to hike along the rocky terrain (and with ease thanks to our durable footwear!). No matter what the conditions, these boots stand up to it all.

This post is sponsored by Zappos, we gotta make a living, right!?





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